Why to choose LemonPix's services
We Care About Our Customers
Our #1 priority is our customers, everything we do from our support team to our lightly loaded servers is to keep our customers happy. With 550's of satisfied customers, you will be very hard pressed to find such a friendly hosting company which actually communicates with the customers.

Latest Technology
We use latest cpanel and other features for our clients.

Ultra Fast Network
Our ultra fast Gigabyte Network offers the shortest path between our server cluster ensuring faster transfer speeds and an excellent web experience.

Developer Friendly Website Hosting
From developing our own in-house web applications we understand the requirements that web developers require, like the latest versions of, ASP, ASP.NET, PHP, SQL Server, mySQL, etc.

Secure Environment
We aim to keep your data secure and your website safe from hackers by utilizing hardened corporate firewall's and ensuring that our servers are well maintained, locked down, and protected from security threats with the latest software and security patches.

Ensuring Our Services Are Online 24/7

To ensure your website remains online 24/7 we make sure we have contingency plans and equipment in place, including; 24/7 engineers, UPS, backup generators, full nightly server backups, redundant servers, US based backup mail and secondary DNS servers, external monitoring stations, and redundant equipment and spare parts for every conceivable situation that could arise.

We're Affordable

Every solution is priced to provide both a reasonable amount of resources but will let your site grow without having to migrate from provider to provider. As your site gets bigger your package can be upgraded to fit additional requirements without any downtime or complicated migration procedures.

We Do Things Differently
Personalized support, faster servers, and better service is just the beginning. Every day we look for ways to stay ahead of the competition by offering better options and new solutions with unbeatable ease of use and simplicity.